Training away from home


Training last week was tough. Work sent me to Sydney to attend a course on Lean Six Sigma. Traveling to Sydney means starting my week at 330am on a Monday, about 7 hours earlier than my ideal wake up call. As a result I started my week less than refreshed but at this point giving up on my training plan is not happening. I’m determined not to go backwards by taking a week off unnecessarily. I’m giving it my all to make sure I meet my target time in July.
Sydney was hot and humid, which messed with my time quite a bit. My pace was a little slower than I would have liked especially on my MAS runs. Worst of all, I felt like I’d been swimming every morning not running. I’m a sweaty mofo. I also kind of resemble a beetroot when I exercise.
Overall it was a fairly consistent week. Got out and trained according to my plan; 2 cardiac output runs and 2 interval runs. Unfortunately the early mornings took a toll and by Saturday I was fairly fatigued. Fingers Crossed my body starts adapting to all this running soon.

Run Melbourne Program 1 – Completed

I managed to complete the first 4 week block of training set out for me by my Personal Trainer with some success. I stuck to the program and got in at least 4 runs a week, plus rowing, the occasional bike ride and a few weights sessions here and there.

Time trial results are promising:

Pre Program 18/01/2016 12:12
8/02/2016 11:06

Hoping to wipe another 30 seconds off my time trial in the next phase of my program. Keep Punching PT has written me up a new program with 2x short cardiac output runs, 1x long cardiac output run and 2x intervals this time. No fartlek runs for me!! 😀

160 days and counting….


My first Regatta

I took up rowing socially about 18 months ago. My previous club were unable to fit me into a squad as their women’s team was apparently full. I moved to the Richmond Rowing Club in early December and lucky me was selected to represent our club in the Coxed Fours Sweeping at the State Championship at the end of Feb.


Last weekend was my first regatta in the lead up to the champs. Overall it went well, came in a close second to the home team.




Week 1-3 Training Recap


Today I’m just over 3 weeks into the running program my personal trainer set out for me when I said I’d signed up for Run Melbourne.
The program had 5 runs scheduled a week; 2 shorter cardiac output runs (130-150bpm), 2 Fartlek runs and a long cardiac output run. For the most part I’ve stuck to the plan as best as possible, subbing in either rowing or cycling when I should have completed my long cardiac output run on a Sunday.
Cardiac output running is quite possibly the most boring part of my week and also somewhat embarrassing to post to Strava. For me 130-150 bpm equates to jogging at little more than a brisk walking pace. I average somewhere between 8:30 and 9 minute km, depending on the summer temperature and how mush rest I’ve gotten. Clearly I’m not winning any land speed records in the near future.
I’ve persisted through the cardiac output runs with the promise it will improve my pace exponentially and that within months I should be at 6 minute kms within this heart rate range. Despite knowing someone who stuck to this plan and had great results, I have to admit I was not a true believer. I’m the definition of a skeptic; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This firmly falls into the too good basket.
While its yet to be seen whether I can master the mythical 6 minute kms, I have seen a huge improvement in my pace. The office running group dragged me along today and I wiped almost a  minute per km off my last effort in late December. In fact its been my best run tracked on Strava ever.
Here are the stats to prove it: