This is why I hate running


I started last week’s training with a new found optimism. My cardiac output run was my best so far. In the last 6 weeks I’ve managed to wipe a minute off my pace in this heart rate zone. Go me!! *queue happy dance*

strava march 6

That optimism faded rather quickly. Tuesday my body practically screamed at me that I needed a rest day. Given that it was pretty much the first time since I took up the program that I’ve felt like that, I actually listened. I had an early night and a good feed and hoped for the best.

Wednesday I woke up refreshed, so of course I smashed out the run I had planned for Tuesday. 3 x 12 minute intervals @ 90% MAS. Felt good, a bit over 6km covered. Legs couldn’t keep the pace up for the last interval but I kept pushing. HR was still jacked so it wasn’t like I was slacking off.

Wednesday night I was struck with a migraine. All plans for the rest of the week were scratched. Thursday and Friday I still had symptoms. A little foggy and a little achy. The last thing I felt like was having my brain bounce around inside my skull while I ran. Saturday I felt better but took another rest day just to make sure I was 100%.

Sunday I felt physically fine. Had brunch out with a friend. Nutrition was totally on point. I had some gluten free, high protein, antioxidant rich bowl of Acai mush. I’ve never felt so healthy; my body is a goddam temple and I had an urge to instagram my meal. It actually tasted pretty good but it needed a straw.

While I felt better after my migraine, apparently my body disagreed. Heart rate was all over the place during my run yesterday evening. One minute I’m barely walking (9:30mins/km)and my heart rate is 150bpm, next its plummeting and I’m jogging 8:10mins/km at 142bpm. Overall yesterday’s average pace was actually worse than when I first started the program. Hoping a fresh week brings better results.

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