Training away from home


Training last week was tough. Work sent me to Sydney to attend a course on Lean Six Sigma. Traveling to Sydney means starting my week at 330am on a Monday, about 7 hours earlier than my ideal wake up call. As a result I started my week less than refreshed but at this point giving up on my training plan is not happening. I’m determined not to go backwards by taking a week off unnecessarily. I’m giving it my all to make sure I meet my target time in July.
Sydney was hot and humid, which messed with my time quite a bit. My pace was a little slower than I would have liked especially on my MAS runs. Worst of all, I felt like I’d been swimming every morning not running. I’m a sweaty mofo. I also kind of resemble a beetroot when I exercise.
Overall it was a fairly consistent week. Got out and trained according to my plan; 2 cardiac output runs and 2 interval runs. Unfortunately the early mornings took a toll and by Saturday I was fairly fatigued. Fingers Crossed my body starts adapting to all this running soon.

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