Training Update


Training hasn’t been exactly ideal over the last few weeks. Firstly, I had the mega migraine that rendered me useless for a week. I managed to get in 2 or 3 good runs before catching a dose of food poisoning that landed me in a NZ hospital. My brush with food poisoning left me unable to eat for over a week and thus I had no energy to get out and run.

Finally last week I got back to running only to catch a minor cold- bloody weakened immune system.! Gave up on the idea of running most of the weekend and caught up on sleep, which has me feeling much better. Resting is an essential part of the program but all my other extra curricular activities seem to have worn me out more than I’d budgeted for.

This weekend was a timely reminder to get my butt back in shape though. J’s birthday would have been Friday and he’s the reason I’m putting my body through hell and back. I’ve managed to raise just over $300 for beyondblue so far. Must keep going!!

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